Sports analytics, unique IT solutions, online presentation at the highest level
- domestically and internationally.

With our IT teams, we have been serving the needs of our international customers for 21 years, which means sports IT for NBA teams and leagues, online presence for more than 1,000 Tesco stores, and reliable IT solutions for our future customers. With our team of 55 people in 3 divisions, we work with more than 40 clients.


years of experience




satisfied customers


successful projects

August 2000

Company foundation - Webpont starts!

September 2001

Debut of Fullcourt basketball statistical software

May 2002

The first Euroleague final with Fullcourt

August 2003

Contract with the Italian and French basketball leagues

September 2007

Data cleaning contract with FIBA

April 2010

Successful Tesco Hungary tender

June 2011

Data supplier agreement with the NBA's Houston Rockets

May 2013

Complete web renewal of the Water Polo Association

December 2014

Unique CMS/CRM for Tesco CE

September 2015

Sports informatics partnership with MLSZ

January 2018

Tesco CE comprehensive web development agreement for 4 countries

July 2018

As the 8th NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers also choose Webpont

January 2019

Beginning of professional sports cooperation with the University of Physical Education

August 2020

Fullfield football club management software agreement with DAC

March 2021

Provision of a Scrum team for Tesco CE

January 2022

The first WNBA team also receives the data from us

September 2022

Our unique content management system, Sportpress, is also launched for the Belgian-Dutch League!

October 2022

We support the sporting success of Varese with our Fullfield Basketball product and expertise


Gábor Túróczy


The unconditional love of sports and IT drives us forward for more than twenty years. One of life's greatest gifts is to be able to spend time every day doing what brings joy and success. This is also true for work, which is sometimes challenging, but if it were easy, someone else would do it!

József Hinkel


It encourages and inspires me that I can work with smart people and contribute to the life of the organization. We solve interesting IT challenges, we have developed excellent products and we have strong professional relationships. We have a great atmosphere and a team that we value. Need more?

Ádám Olajos

Head of Sport division

Webpont is unique in the field of sports informatics! I like working here because one of the company's flagships is sport, where I came from. We appreciate the attitude, the performance achieved, and the possibility of advancement is also given. As a leader, I try to shape and support a team.

Diána Pál

Head of Finance

This has been a great place to work at, as I constantly encounter new and exciting challenges that I am able to solve with the help and support of my colleagues. I feel like they have been able to trust and count on me from the first moment on, which further motivates me every day.

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How we work?

Immediate solutions

Webpont Kft. serves the needs of the customers in the shortest possible time.

Professional preparation

Whether the project is sports, retail or anything else, we have a team of trained professionals at your disposal.

Customer-oriented approach

Our specialists assess the tasks before us by identifying with the customer's needs.

Developer creativity

Our company combines the most modern technologies with creativity for joint success.


Máté Léderer

project manager

I like working here mostly because of the Webpont team, the similar values make work easier. By maintaining a work-life balance, we can provide flexibility to our clients, who are grateful for our creative ideas, this is important in terms of maintaining my motivation.

Gábor Prion

lead developer

This is the place where work and sports are so closely connected that, as a sports lover, I almost feel my duties as my hobby. Our well-prepared team solves even the most complex tasks with the most modern web technologies.

Tamás Horváth

scrum master

Family atmosphere, flexible schedule and varied tasks. You can also love Webpont because of these :)

Vivien Rostási

lead designer

Flexible working hours, a tolerant, family-friendly atmosphere - for me, these are the most important factors at Webpont. During the tasks entrusted to me, I get a free hand and the opportunity to develop with the appropriate professional support. They treat me as a partner, support my ideas and make me feel that what I do is important and good.

Ádám Prófusz

Quality Assurance Engineer

Webpont perfectly combines the advantages of a large multinational and a family business. I can work from home, there is no micro-management, we do our work in a focused, flexible and efficient way. Regardless of position, the relationship with everyone is easy and friendly, and we often organize joint programs outside of work.

István Lecza


Webpont is the first place where I feel like a family member, not just a colleague. Monotonous work is not typical at all, thanks to the variety and the team, I have gained a lot of new and valuable experience in the last few years.

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