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Client reviews

Dániel Jenkei

Head of communications - Vasas Sport Club

Webpont has been our preferred IT partner for almost a decade. During this time, we were able to observe up close how the family-run company became bigger and more professional. Our trust is unbroken, and in addition to our expertise, this is also key in our cooperation with them, since in this case we are talking about the full operation of our club's online interfaces. They are fast, precise, conscientious, and we can easily understand the layman's IT coordinate system. We love working with them!

Tibor Szegő

Director of Communications - MTK BUDAPEST

There were, there are, there will be companies with a similar profile, but few of them understand sports. If you have to explain every day that a soccer player is a player, that table tennis is no longer played to 21 points and that a handball player - unlike an athlete - does not set a personal best, it is tiring. So, if I can, I stay with Webpont.

András Békefi

Manager - TOOL.OS System

We presented the team with a task and a challenge that is certainly unique in our country, but may also be unique in Europe. From the beginning, they thought with us - sometimes for us - and I can confidently say that they showed an outstanding attitude and customer management in every phase of the project. I would like to thank you on behalf of FotóSarok and Hungary's most popular sports association for the satisfaction of all the participants of the cooperation that has continued to this day.

Zsófia Nagy-Pataki

Tourism and marketing manager - Pásztó Fejlesztési Nonprofit Kft.

In January 2022, we started working together with the Webpont team in connection with the website of the Magic Valley. We have found a reliable, helpful and professionally professional team! The organization, flexibility and kindness of the team is exemplary! During the implementation of the project, everything was completed in an organized manner, precisely and on time, and they often exceeded our ideas with their fantastic ideas, thanks to which we can have a competitive and truly impressive website. Thank you Webpont!

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