Introducing our client:

Webpont cooperates with Dunaszerdahely football club in several areas, to simplify and optimize the operation of the club. This joint work results products which makes both parties proud.

Featured projects:

Fullfield: implementation of our self development product based on the unique needs of FC DAC 1904 Dunaszerdahely football club.
Marketing dashboard: a marketing dashboard interface containing data of social media platforms, efficiency of social media campaigns, data of ticket and pass sales, purchase of arenas, data of webshop sales and edm campaign manager tools. By implementing the application successful marketing campaigns can be started.


FullField: The backend have been written in PHP programming language with Laravel framework. The whole backend is modular and scalable. The frontend have been written in Angular framework, a modern Single Page Application. The data have been stored in MySQL, cache run by ElasticSearch.
Marketing dashboard: Application written in PHP programming language in Laravel framework.